On The Plate: Ring

So, this is long overdue. I can blame holidays and work or whatever but what’s important is that it is here now, a review of a truly wonderful place to eat at, Ring.

Where: Bottom end of Chorlton by the big park
Price: Super reasonable
Tastiness Factor: Yummy yummy yummy
Return Custom: Currently concocting my next excuse to be in in the vicinity

I love sushi! It is tasty, comforting, not unhealthy and incorporates one of my favourite foods, fish/shellfish. There is one thing that I don’t like about sushi, and that is the price. Shellfish and salmon are pretty expensive, so that is a factor, plus there is a good deal of skill involved in making the food, ensuring the correct balance of the delicate flavours and keeping the food fresh. So I get why it is pricey but when you are mainly eating rice it can feel steep. So naturally when I started reading about Ring (or Do Ring as it is listed online) I was highly interested in the tasty-looking and well-priced food.

Ring isn’t the fanciest looking restaurant in terms of decor, but that didn’t bother me as even without many people being there there was a comforting atmosphere. The crockery/serving ware was really good quality and everything was nice and clean. It’s cheerful and the staff were very attentive and friendly. One of the best things about the sushi not being expensive is the opportunity to order a variety of things, eat enough to feel full and not worry so much about the bill. The plates were served individually,  with the exception of the starters that came at the same time, and placed in the middle of the table. Rolls were served whole and sliced into six, so good for sharing, plus you know that the food hasn’t been sitting around as it is made to order. Another benefit of this is that the sushi hasn’t been refrigerated; this makes the rice cold and gradually hardens it, ruining the texture.

My favourite dish was the nigiri that was two pieces each of tuna, prawn and salmon. So simple but highly satisfying and tasty. The flavours of the three are individual–salmon is softer, silky and fattier, tuna is meaty and umami while giving a little more bite, the prawn is less rich and a slightly sweet–the contrast of the three allows you to enjoy their unique flavours more than having a plate of just tuna. I shared one plate with my tall friend and ordered another for myself.

I got to try warm sake for the first time which was a really good accompaniment to the meal, plus if you are a fan they have a number of options to choose from. But I would say that I like having a beer or something a little more thirst-quenching and it perhaps isn’t wise to pair the two.

I really enjoyed my meal at Ring and I highly recommend it if you are looking for a high-quality meal where the staff care about what they are doing. If you aren’t a fan of sushi, they also have a number of cooked dishes too.


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